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Polmarkus sp. z o.o. is a company owned by the Szmidt family, cultivating a baking tradition spanning generations and dating back to 1932. On the one hand, our company has its tradition and experience handed down from one generation to the next, and on the other hand, there is innovation and constant development.

When we were establishing the company, we were well aware of our history and tradition. We were brought up in respect of the baker’s trade, with a passion for it and with the conviction that one must constantly keep moving forward. The origins of Polmarkus can be traced to a small family-owned bakery in Ziemięcice, established in 1932. I believe that the future belongs to craft. The development potential in the field of technology and communication is best utilised by small and medium enterprises. Regardless of whether we use desktop computers, laptops, or tablets, good bread will always be in great demand. As for us, we will accompany our customers in their growth.

Marek Szmidt , the owner   

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