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Requirements for suppliers

 In October 2010, we obtained a certificate confirming our implementation and application of the HACCP system with regard to the distribution, storage and trading of food products.

Each type of goods should be delivered to the company under conditions which are appropriate for it. Humidity must not have a negative impact on the goods (e.g. cause lumping or softening) or on their packaging (e.g. cause soaking or icing).

Packaging must not be damaged. Unit packaging must contain the manufacturer’s label in the Polish language with information making it possible to clearly identify the contents of the packaging, the lot of goods, the expiry date, weight or volume as well as storage conditions.

Goods are delivered to the company on EUR-pallets or EPAL pallets. Pallet height must not exceed 165 cm, the goods must not protrude beyond the pallet circumference and should be secured with stretch wrap. Goods must be delivered to the company in compliance with the cold chain, at a temperature which is appropriate for them.

The temperature must be within the range stated on the unit packaging of the relevant item. If the temperature is exceeded, the supplier must take into account the potential refusal to accept the goods at an inappropriate temperature, or – after consulting with the Quality Department – an extra fee charged for bringing the goods to the right temperature (obviously unless this has an adverse impact on the safety and quality of the goods).

The delivery must be accompanied by the suitable documents: certificate and delivery note or another document with a specification of all the goods delivered, as well as the invoice in a sealed envelope, due to trade secrecy requirements. A quality certificate is additionally required in the case of goods from outside the European Union. The trade identification document (TID) is required for goods of animal origin.

Damaged goods, goods in damaged packaging or without the suitable marking and required documents, as well as goods transported in inappropriate conditions and goods not ordered must not be accepted at the company (they will be returned to the supplier at the latter’s expense). Due to requirements related to the order and quick handling of deliveries and the need to assure customer service continuity, please observe the delivery dates agreed upon when the goods are ordered.

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